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limit 0,18
select tx_dam.*,tx_dam_mm_cat.uid_foreign,tx_dam_cat.uid as catid,tx_dam_cat.title as cattitle
local_table tx_dam
mm_table tx_dam_mm_cat
foreign_table tx_dam_cat
order_by category
group_by file_name
where AND tx_dam.deleted=0 AND tx_dam.t3ver_state<=0 AND tx_dam.pid<>-1 AND tx_dam.hidden=0 AND tx_dam.starttime<=1597307760 AND (tx_dam.endtime=0 OR tx_dam.endtime>1597307760) AND (tx_dam.fe_group='' OR tx_dam.fe_group IS NULL OR tx_dam.fe_group='0' OR FIND_IN_SET('0',tx_dam.fe_group) OR FIND_IN_SET('-1',tx_dam.fe_group)) AND tx_dam_cat.deleted=0 AND tx_dam_cat.t3ver_state<=0 AND tx_dam_cat.pid<>-1 AND tx_dam_cat.hidden=0 AND (tx_dam_cat.fe_group='' OR tx_dam_cat.fe_group IS NULL OR tx_dam_cat.fe_group='0' OR FIND_IN_SET('0',tx_dam_cat.fe_group) OR FIND_IN_SET('-1',tx_dam_cat.fe_group)) AND tx_dam.sys_language_uid IN (0,-1) AND (tx_dam_cat.uid IN (9) )
Herzchirurg, Gefäß-, Thorax- und Kardiovaskularchirurg Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ennker - Bilder